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Honorary President

    P.M. Robertson O.B.E

Honorary Vice-President

    A.A.W. Combe

President    R.A. Crawford
Vice-President   D. Rae
Secretary    A. Rodger
Treasurer    D. Fyfe
Indoor Secretary   J. Samuel
Board of Management
C. Smith, H. Shearer, M. Copland, T. Kelly, C. Hill, J. Hogan, J. McClelland, P. Carmichael, S. Alexander, E. Deans
Auditors    Gilmour Hamilton & Co.
Board Members retiring 2018
C. Smith, H. Shearer, M. Copland, T. Kelly
D. Fyfe (Convener), A. Rodger, J. Samuel, C. Smith, J. Hogan, C. Hill
C. Hill (Convener), D. Fyfe, M. Copland
H. Shearer (Convener), J. Hogan
Outdoor Green
J. Samuel (Convener), C. Smith, S. Alexander
Indoor Green
J. Samuel (Convener), J. McClelland, P. Carmichael
House and Works
C. Smith (Convener), J. McClelland, P. Carmichael
J. Hogan (Convener), E. Dean, H. Shearer, M. Copland
Match Secretary
D. Rae(Convener), P. Carmichael, S. Alexander, J. McClelland
Championship    R. A. Crawford
Presidents     D. Rae
Handicap     A. Rodger
Millennium    H. Shearer
Willie Lappin Trophy   J. McClelland
Under 40’s     S. Alexander
Pairs      C. Hill, J. Samuel
Triples     C. Smith, S. Alexander
Rinks     D. Fyfe, T. Kelly
2 Bowl Pairs    C. Hill, C. Smith
John McDonald Trophy  A. Rodger, J. Hogan, C. Smith
Kirkwood Trophy   H. Shearer, E. Dean
Saturday 45’s    J. McClelland, P. Carmichael
Open Triples    A. Rodger, D. Fyfe, M. Copland
Parish League Selectors
D. Rae(Convener), P. Carmichael, J. McClelland
Monday evening games
T. Kelly, J. Hogan, P. Carmichael
Saturday Evening games
H. Shearer, E. Deans
Issue of Shirts,Ties and Badges
D. Fyfe
Club Almoner
H. Shearer
President Mrs. M. Morrison
Vice President Mrs. A. Dunbar
Secretary Mrs. H. Fairlie
Treasurer Mrs. M. Ferguson
Match Secretary Mrs. N. Malcolm
Mrs. E. Dean, Mrs. M. Butler, Mrs. D Kyle
PRO-TURFCARE are the Outdoor Green Contractors for Largs Halkshill Bowling Club
Pro-Turfcare 2015
Bowls Scotland Bowls Scotland
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