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Entry through the car park


  • Find a vacant table before ordering drinks. Maximum 6 to a table.

  • Please remember current social distancing rules 2 metres at all times

  • Approach table at middle door of the clubhouse, inform staff of your table number, party names, and place your order. Uplift and pay your order and retire to your table.

  • Return your empties to the middle door.

  • In the event there are no vacant tables please inform the beer staff who will try to assist.

  • Please advise bar staff when you leave the club.

  • You should not go into the clubhouse. If you

  • Need to use the toilet there is a table at the stairs with a ladies/gents sign, there is limited access to the toilets (one person at a time).  Please take a sign and return sign to the table when finished.                                                              

  • Avoid touching surfaces and if you use the toilet wash your hands thoroughly, wipe down surfaces, use separate or paper towels and wash or dispose of them safely after use.

Opening hours will be communicated on this page.


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Beer Garden

Opening 6th July

14.00 hrs   till   20.00  Daily

 Will be reviewed daily with weather considerations.




Arrangements for booking a rink must be made through the club secretary, at the latest on the evening between 6 and 7, prior to intended game.


Access to the club will be through the club carpark. There will be no access to the clubhouse for toilets.


No mats to be used. Please use a coin or similar to replicate a mat.


One member only to handle the jack.


Players must use disinfectant spray after each game to disinfect jacks. Please ensue jacks are dry before use.


The 2 metre social distancing rule must always be observed.


Bowls equipment (cloths, measures etc) must not be shared between players


Players must always practice safe hygiene.


Players must not:

1. Pick up any other players bowls

2. Share equipment with other players

3. Moisten their hands with saliva before delivery

4. Shake hands, high five or have any physical contact with other players.


Players must leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play, making sure they have sanitised jacks and their hands.

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District 27

Club No: 2711

District 27

Club No: 2711

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