“The club will remain closed until the SNP

Leader decides it’s safe to open”

We will place updates here as soon as we know more..

It looks more and more likely that our AGM will be

by way of a Zoom meeting on the 14th March.

 As such, in order for Members to receive access details for joining this meeting and to receive

a copy of the Balance Sheet

I require the Members e-mail addresses. 

Please contact the Secretary to give him your details.


Alan Rodger



On behalf of President John Mackenzie and the Board of Management of Halkshill I would like to wish all our Members and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In what has been a truly horrible year for the Club, we can only hope and pray that next year we will see a solution to this terrible virus.


Unfortunately due to the continued uncertainty, we cannot envisage when or if the Club will open in the New Year. Looking further ahead this could impact on our ability to hold our AGM. I would therefore ask any Member who wishes to raise any topic for discussion to relay these to the Secretary.

As per our Constitution Balance Sheets will be made available two weeks prior to the AGM.

Currently the Club is being run on a shoestring basis.


The Treasurer has been very active in securing the various grants available to maintain the financial stability of the Club, but he is still very concerned about our future ability to meet all our expenditure commitments over the longer term.

Any ideas the Members may have on raising funds and improving our finances should be directed to the Secretary and will be gratefully appreciated.


Any maintenance issues that arise are being dealt with promptly by the House and Works committee.

We had an issue with a burst pipe underground between the Clubhouse and the water tap at the south west corner of the Green. This has been ongoing for several years now, resulting in quite hefty water bills. This problem was resolved by cutting the pipe outside the Boardroom wall and putting a new tap on this wall. The Treasurer reckons this will save approximately 30% on our future water bills.


The Bar Convener will continue to monitor dates on bottles, cans etc and any items for sale will be notified to the Members.

As a Board we are aware that several of our Members are having health issues and we wish them well in their roads to recovery.

I would ask any Member who knows of someone who is ill, struggling to cope or even needs assistance for shopping etc to inform a Board Member and we will endeavour to lend whatever help we are able.

Finally to each and every one of you, please keep safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you all (hopefully) on the Green next Year.

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District 27

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