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CHAIRMAN  President John Mackenzie


ATTENDANCE There were 70 Members present

APOLOGIES:  There were 16 apologies. A Combe, R Crawford, R Mcneill, B Milliken, R Milliken, G Fairlie, S Robertson, W Hamilton, S Seymour, J Mcdonald, C Mcmurdo, D Keenan, R Agnew, C Tait, L Ward, and  S Anderson

OBITUARIES:  The President called for a minutes silence for the following deceased members-

T Francis, Past President C Rodger and Past President W Hamill


MINUTES:   The Secretary informed the meeting that a copy of the AGM Minutes from 14th March 2021 had been e-mailed to the Members and asked if there were any matters arising. There being no matters arising,  The Minutes were then Proposed by: D Rae  and, Seconded by  R Armstrong



On the gents section there are 5 Honorary Members 144 Full Members and 8 non playing Members.

In the ladies section there are 20 full members, and 2 non-playing members.

I currently have seven new applications for membership, 5 male and 2 females.


Congratulations to Ross Agnew who again became the Club Champion.

Unfortunately our ladies did not hold a championship in 2021.


On the bowling side the Club did not have many games to report on. the  Parish League was not held and the Gold and Silver bowls, the Ayrshire Cup and the Glasgow Ayrshire were all cancelled.


Given the change in covid precautions we hope to return to normality this season. I am happy to inform the members that as well as the inter club friday night league, our friendlies with Abercorn, Dreghorn and Troon bowling clubs are all going ahead this year and so also is the Gold and Silver bowls, the Ayrshire Cup and the Glasgow Ayrshire.


The fabric of the club is beginning to look a bit tired, the House and Works committee reported back in 2019 about the leak in the indoor, we are now  experiencing leaks in the indoor roof, the locker room roof and the kitchen roof which although repaired at present could cause us major problems in the not too distant future.

The radiators in the indoor will be renewed over the summer months which will be another cause of major expense.


The loss of income caused by covid has drastically affected the clubs finances as I am sure George will cover in his report, but the lost income from visiting parties, club functions etc have hit us really hard, we lost a lot of income through lack of visiting clubs but I am happy to report at this moment we have 12 confirmed visitors bookings for this year.


We have been busy in the community last year, providing facilities for Largs Players, the OIR yoga and pilates clubs and the line dancing.

We offered Halkshill as a vaccination clinic during the covid crisis which was accepted but the option never taken up.


Our entertainments committee were working with their hands tied behind their backs because of the ever changing rules re covid. The entertainment they were able to put on, although not greatly attended by the members were well appreciated by the members who did attend.

Our cabarets are all listed on the noticeboard in the hall and I would ask you to note these dates in your diary.

We started a 100 club last year and the monies raised have gone to subsidise various members benefits eg. BT Sport


Our Club President is moving away from Largs and has tendered his resignation and I am sure you will put your hands together in appreciation of the work John did over the past two years in very difficult circumstances.

The Club also reluctantly accepted the resignation of Club Treasurer George Fairlie, and on behalf of the Club members I would like to thank George for his years of sterling work.

Our Almoner for the last several years Mrs Helen Shearer is also retiring from the Board and I would ask you all to put your hands together for all the work Helen has put in visiting the ailing members over the years.


In conclusion can i just wish all of you a great year of bowling and hopefully we can look forward to the year ahead with confidence and a continuing stability


TREASURERS REPORT: Every Member received a copy of the Balance Sheet, and there has been no questions put forward for the Treasurer to answer.

I would like to thank the members for their support over the last 4 years it has not been easy for us all

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my wife Helen for her support and patience especially when taking over the kitchen table as an office!

It has not been easy trying to balance the books over the last two years but we are still here!

We received furlough/grant/rate relief money during the pandemic without which we would not be here today!

I have also, as the members would expect, informed Robert Crawford that he would not be “cast adrift” I am available to him until he can “fly solo”

Any questions that Members have today that cannot be answered can they please leave with our Secretary and I will get back to them.


Bank Account for payment of fees:

Sort code     80-17-11

Account number    00175400

NB this account only to be used.


Breakdown of miscellaneous on balance sheet:

Outside boiler repair                                   £351

Alarm system maintenance and service    £942

Fire extinguish service and replace           £336

New wall                                                    £1,400

New lawn mower                                       £11,170

New TV                                                       £499

Boiler service                                             £241


There being no queries raised by the Members the Balance was passed and proposed by J Samuel and seconded by J Wilson



The Indoor Secretary thanked his two assistants, John and Brian, who as usual had done a great job throughout the Year.  He informed the Meeting that as always we need more teams in the various leagues. We have a Monday night league with Clubs from West Kilbride, Fairlie, Largs and Skelmorlie.

To try and fill the various vacant slots we have started a Pairs League which has been a relative success.



The fabric of the Club has been maintained to a high standard by our House and Works Convenor Robert Armstrong and his team



A Constitutional change to incorporate a Lifestyle Membership-  A Lifestyle Member can enjoy the same conditions as a full Member, except, they cannot play in qualifying competitions for National Competitions, they cannot take office and they have no voting rights at the AGM


Amendment: 1.  The Membership of the Club shall comprise Honorary Members, Ordinary Members, Lifestyle Members, Non playing Members (ie. Members that are physically unable to play),  Temporary Members and Junior Members.

 Membership is open to all, and no application for Membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex; sexual orientation, political or other opinion.


Amendment: 2. No member of the Club (excluding Lifestyle Members) will be permitted to hold full Membership of another Bowling Club within the Boundaries of the Clubs forming District 27 in the Bowls Scotland Association.


2. Annual subscription fees be £110 + £20 drinks vouchers, Lifestyle Members £80+ £20 drinks vouchers and Non-Playing Members £40+ £20 drinks vouchers




President John Mckenzie Proposed Mr. Andrew Combe as Honorary President                           

President John Mckenzie then gave his retiral speech, and thanked all the Members who had supported him over his years in office.

President John then proposed Iain Tait as President for 2022. There being no other nominations, Iain then took over the Chair as President, thanking now Past President John for his two years in office during such turbulent times.

President Iain then thanked the Members for affording him the honour of becoming President of such a famous Club. He pointed out that his father had been a Past Club champion and hoped to follow in his footsteps.

President Iain then nominated Robert Armstrong as Vice President for 2022. There being no one otherwise minded Robert was elected and given his Vice Presidents badge by President Iain.

Vice President Robert then voiced his appreciation of the honour.



BOARD:- Due to the resignation of President John Mckenzie and Director Craig Mcpherson and the retiral of Treasurer George Fairlie, Helen Shearer, Robert Armstrong, John Samuel, Peter Carmichael and Jim Mclelland there are 8 vacancies for the Board of Management.

Two of the vacancies have been filled by Robert Armstrong Vice President and

Robert Crawford Treasurer,so there are 6 vacancies- 3 for 3 years and 3 for 2 years.



Honorary President                 Mr. Andrew Combe

Vice- President                        Mr Robert Armstrong


Nominee                                                     Proposer                Seconder          

Secretary:                 A. Rodger                     D. Rae                   G. Fairlie       

Treasurer:                R Crawford                    B Knox                  R. Armstrong

Indoor Secretary:     Ian White                     J Samuel                B Knox


 Board of Management Nominations


Nominee                      Proposer                                Seconder


S Wood                        L Wood                                     B Martin

P Stewart                     N Honeyman                             D Shearer

S Stevenson             A Rodger                            I Tait

J Samuel                      I White                                      B Knox

B Knox                         J Samuel                                  J Wilson

J Kelly                          R Crawford                               A Rodger

S Robertson                 R Mcneill                                   R Armstrong

P Carmichael                J Wilson                                   D Rae


The President asked for any further nominations from the hall. No other nominations were forthcoming and Voting slips were given out.

The Secretary and Past Presidents W Jackson and D Rae then retired to the Boardroom to count the votes. On completion of counting the votes the President advised the Members that, S Stevenson, J Samuel and

B Knox had been elected for three years, and P Carmichael, S Robertson and J Kelly for two years.

President Iain then thanked all the candidates for putting their names forward.


AUDITOR         Welsh Walker

                   Chartered Accountants

                   179A Dalrymple Street


                          PA15 1BX


A.O.C.B. I Mcalees asked about paying his fees. He wanted to know if he could pay straight into the Clubs Bank. This was agreed.

G Sheridan asked the Board about having more mixed games. The Board will discuss this at our next Meeting.           


Vice President Robert Armstrong then thanked the Members for attending the AGM and closed the meeting.

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District 27

Club No: 2711

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