14th September 2020

Good afternoon to all Members, I hope you and your family are keeping well and staying safe.
Our intention is to open the Indoor green for the new season on Monday the 12th October. Obviously this could change as we receive more advice from the Scottish Government and the SIBA.
However now more than ever Halkshill needs our Members help.


We desperately need the Indoor leagues to be a success and to this end we need the support of our own Members. 
We understand the fears you may have about transmission of this horrible virus, but we like to think that by following the guidelines laid down by the Scottish Government and with the arrangements we have put in place you can play and enjoy the competition in a safe environment.

Alan Rodger





I hope all Members and families continue to keep safe and well through these turbulent times. Just a short update on what’s happening in the Club.

The Outdoor green is now closed and I would hope that every Member who played outdoors enjoyed their sessions.

The Board has to report that due to the resignation of Drue Barron, (our thanks to Drue for the work he carried out), from the Board, Ian White has been co-opted onto the Board and will function as our Covid manager.

The bar is now open from 2pm until 9.30pm Monday- Sundays. Please ensure that you are considerate to staff that are providing guidance and advice, and abide by their instructions. TVs etc must be muted.

Under the current regulations a maximum of six people from no more than two households can be seated at a table in a venue where alcohol may be consumed.

Keep your hands clean - use the hand hygiene products that are provided for your use, or use your own, before or after you touch any common areas – regular hand hygiene is good practice and reduces the risk of transmission. Face masks must be worn when entering, walking about and leaving the Club.


BT Sports will be re-introduced to the Club in October, and I hope this is well supported by the Members when the football is on.

The credit card facility will be installed in October and I hope this meets with the Members needs.


We have had several requests for the hire of the hall in the lounge. These must be considered given the finances of the Club. We will try and ensure these do not impinge on the Members activities too much and I would ask the Members to allow us some leeway when accepting these requests.



I cannot praise the Indoor Committee enough for the time and work they have put in, in trying to resolve the problems in the Indoor.

The Indoor Team are looking at a formula which allows us to play safely, and still enjoy the competition.

The Club is looking to restart the Indoor Leagues from Monday the 12th October, although this may change as circumstances alter.

I would ask every player in the Indoor to be patient as we cannot predict how Government Regulations may change.

The format being considered is triples on rink 1 and 3 leaving rink 2 empty to allow social distancing.

I would ask every Member to support our Indoor, if not in the Leagues, then by using the free time outside of the Leagues to play bounce games.





Traditionally it is the job of any Treasurer to preach doom and gloom at every opportunity. Today this has become more and more relevant.


Because of the Virus, there have been no visiting parties, no lounge bookings, no open competitions, no functions, which all seriously affect our income.

Our Treasurer has worked tirelessly to reduce our outgoings and overheads. He has secured Grants which were available from the Government, completing the required information to allow us to apply for furlough payments for our staff, and negotiating better rates for us from our Gas, Electric and Water suppliers.

Without these Grants etc the Club currently would have been financially unsubstainable.


Traditionally at this time of the year we could look forward to boosting our finances with the Indoor Associate Membership fees. Understandably, given the current fear of the Corona Virus we have seen a greatly reduced number of Associate Membership applications.


The average monthly bar Income for 2019 was £17,855, up until the end of August this year, the average monthly Income was £6,810


You will see from the table below how much our monthly Income/Expenditure has changed due to the Corona Virus.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out that if we carry on in the way we are doing now, Halkshill Bowling Club, your Club, faces extinction.

The Indoor will continue for just now, although in a reduced capacity.

The Bar remains open, also in a reduced capacity, and is well supported by the usual well kent faces, but there are insufficient Members supporting it.


I would ask any Member with recommendations on how to improve our finances to come forward and give us your suggestions, because as a Board we are running out of ideas.


Stay safe and well, and I hope to see you all at some time in the Club.

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I hope all Members and families are keeping safe and well through these turbulent times. Just a short update on what’s happening in the Club.

  • The bar is now open from 2pm until 10.00pm Monday- Saturday and 2pm until 9.30pm on Sundays.

  • The limits on households mixing indoors and outdoors are currently:

  • Indoors- up to 8 people from up to 3 different households

  • Outdoors- up to 15 people from up to 5 different households.

  • TVs etc must be muted.


Members must not stand at the bar. When you have secured a table and want to place your order please form an orderly queue in front of the bar grill and observe the two metre rule when approaching the hatch to order.


A screen has been erected at the hatch to protect staff. Please return your empties to this hatch.

Please ensure that you are considerate to staff that are providing guidance and advice, and abide by their instructions. 


In the event you have a complaint regarding the bar please do not complain to the bar staff who are only doing what they’ve been instructed. Any complaints should be made to a Club Director.

Keep your hands clean - use the hand hygiene products that are provided for your use, or use your own, before or after you touch any common areas – regular hand hygiene is good practice and reduces the risk of transmission.


At the July update the Members were informed that a census was going to be taken concerning –

  1. playing competitions.

  2. having a card facility behind the bar.


The results were as follows-

  1. limited Members wanted to play competitions- Agreed not to proceed.

  2. a large majority of Members wanted a card facility- the Club will look to provide a card facility, after ensuring the best provider.


At the July Board Meeting it was decided that to show our gratitude to Frontline workers the Club would offer free playing Membership to frontline workers who are not current Members of a bowling club for the remainder of 2020 season.  A report was placed in the local paper with limited success, with 2 applicants coming forward.

We have now received further clarification and confirmation from sportscotland and the Scottish Government regarding the next easing of restrictions for lawn bowls. Please find attached the following documents:


Bowling Activity (Effective from 25th August)

On the green, a ‘bowling bubble’  of up to 30 players can be created whilst play is taking place, in effect suspending Scottish Government household number guidelines for the duration of the activity. Normal household guidelines must be adhered to before and after play.

Good hygiene should be followed and where possible, physical distancing should still be maintained

• Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours can now resume as normal in line with the above ‘bowling bubble’

• The maximum number permitted on the green increases from a 24 to 30

• All rinks can be used if the maximum number on the green is not exceeded,  as in  line  with bowling activity  guidance, physical distancing and good hygiene measures.

• No restrictions on households on the green as per Bowling Activity guidance

• Club friendlies are now permitted        

• The maximum number of players allowed to compete in an open or internal club one day competition increases from 24 to 30


It is a  mandatory requirement that bowling clubs collect the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and where possible the departure time of all those attending facilities or bowling activities

This Information should be stored for 21 days and should be made available to the Public health Officers if requested.


(Effective from 31st August)

• Access to locker rooms/changing rooms and storage areas is permitted for the dropping off and collection of bowling equipment.



The Club is provisionally looking to restart the Indoor from Monday the 19th October. The format is still to be confirmed and the Indoor Team are looking at a formula which allows us to play safely, and still enjoy the competition.

At this time the Indoor Team would welcome any positive suggestions which could benefit the Indoor.


Bar Open

14.00 hrs   till   20.00  Daily

From the  7th August hours will change to:

Monday - Saturday 14:00 - 22:00

Sunday 14:00 - 21:30





Arrangements for booking a rink must be made through the club secretary, at the latest on the evening between 6 and 7, prior to intended game.


Access to the club will be through the club carpark. There will be no access to the clubhouse for toilets.


No mats to be used. Please use a coin or similar to replicate a mat.


One member only to handle the jack.


Players must use disinfectant spray after each game to disinfect jacks. Please ensue jacks are dry before use.


The 2 metre social distancing rule must always be observed.


Bowls equipment (cloths, measures etc) must not be shared between players


Players must always practice safe hygiene.


Players must not:

1. Pick up any other players bowls

2. Share equipment with other players

3. Moisten their hands with saliva before delivery

4. Shake hands, high five or have any physical contact with other players.


Players must leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play, making sure they have sanitised jacks and their hands.

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